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Guns in Safe Survive Home Fire

Your safe is like a parachute. You hope you’ll never need it, but in the event you do, you want a really good one. Gun safes are made to keep your guns, ammunition and other valuables safe from thieves and fire. A good quality safe will most likely do the job, and we have an… Read more »

The History of Locks and the Locksmith

Locks and the locksmith go back as far as 4000 years to ancient Egypt. To prevent the unencumbered movement of door bars, wooden posts were attached to doors, into which horizontal bolts were placed. The bolt contained openings into which metal pins were fit, locking the door. Using a key that resembles the modern toothbrush… Read more »

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the blog for Moyers Lock and Security! We have been serving Perry County and surrounding areas since 1987 with our lock and security services. Some of the services we provide include emergency lock picking, home rekeying, lock and deadbolt installation, key making, video security systems, monitored security systems, alarm systems and more. Keep… Read more »