Secure New Home: Why You Should Consider Changing the Locks

Home buying season is just around the corner! Purchasing a new home is exciting, no matter what the time of year. And, being able to call a new house a home is one of the best feelings there is. After move-in day, many of us are quick to make aesthetic changes to the outside or to the interior design. However, many of us forget a very important step in moving into a new home: replacing the locks. It may not be the most fun aspect of buying a new home, but it can help secure what’s within it. As experts in lock services for New Bloomfield and surrounding areas, the professionals at Moyers Lock & Security have put together some of the benefits to changing the locks in your new home.

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Ensure a Secure Home

When you move into a new home, safety should be a top priority. And, that means changing your locks should be a priority. Why? Well, chances are, you are not the first person to live in the house you’ve purchased, meaning you cannot assume that all keys to your home are in your possession. Perhaps the previous residents even loaned a key to a petsitter, babysitter, or close friend. The idea of someone walking around with a key to your home can be a scary thought and although it is not likely any of these people want to enter your home without your knowledge, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have purchased brand new home, it also never hurts to look into local lock services to have your locks replaced, especially if you are unsure who was given a key to show your home or to do any additional work.

Get the Locks You Really Want
This is a great chance to install the exact type of locks you want for your home. The previous homeowners may have chosen locks that are now outdated or don’t look right. Choose the locks that make you feel safe. It is recommended to have a deadbolt installed on all doors leading outdoors as they are far more difficult to bypass than standard locks or a simple chain lock. We carry a variety of brands in locks and deadbolts including:

  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Global Brands
  • And more!

There have also been many advances in the world of electronic locks, from keypad access to fingerprint technology. There are so many ways to make your new home a safer one. Whatever style you choose, our lock services experts can help you find the right lock to fit your home’s needs and the needs of your family. And, rekeying can be done quickly and accurately in a single visit.

Give us a call today at Moyers Lock & Security to learn more about our lock services in New Bloomfield and surrounding areas. Our experienced team of professionals are waiting to answer any questions you might have about changing the locks and all of our other lock services. Give us a call today at 717-636-1878, or contact us to learn more!

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