The History of Locks and the Locksmith

Locks and the locksmith go back as far as 4000 years to ancient Egypt. To prevent the unencumbered movement of door bars, wooden posts were attached to doors, into which horizontal bolts were placed. The bolt contained openings into which metal pins were fit, locking the door. Using a key that resembles the modern toothbrush in shape, the pins were lifted out of their slots, allowing the door to be unlocked. Variations in the lock and key system emerged throughout the ages, but all were based largely on pin tumbler principle. A pin tumbler lock mechanism uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. These days, pin tumblers are used in cylinder locks and tubular pin tumblers (radial or ace locks).

The term “locksmith” emerged during the 13th century, originating from “blacksmith.” Blacksmiths, who handled all things metal, had their hands in early lock making. Specialists emerged and then so too did the locksmith, a facsimile of what we know today.

For more modern incarnations, look no further than Moyers, a Perry County business for nearly 30 years. Specializing in a wide array of products and services, the locksmith handles any and all of key making services (home & auto), new lock and deadbolt installation, safe picking and lock upgrades, emergency lock picking (home & auto), emergency signal (monitored security system) and video security systems. Why? Because your safety is the most important thing.

For more information on the locksmith services we offer in Perry County, please contact us or call 717-636-1878.

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